HoP Services

Welcome to HOP (House or Pet) Sitting Services

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House Sitting (no pets):
Daily - flat rate, includes one visit (1 hour maximum)
Overnight - priced per stay (terms will vary by accommodations)

Terms are negotiable (beyond minimum rates). Discounts are available for multiple days or nights, or by combining pet sitting services.

Pet Sitting (in your home and while you're away):
Each visit is about 30 minutes, additional time will be extra. Price is for 1 pet. Additional pets are are additional costs.

For all dogs and cats: Price is per visit and includes providing food and water at least once daily as well as letting dogs out into an enclosed yard twice daily for no longer than 15 minutes at a time. We'll consider walks for additional costs.

* Pricing will also vary by size, weight, and other restrictions (such as medical needs). Other pets may include birds, rodents, or reptiles. Negotiations for other non-domesticated animals (like fish or insects) will be considered.

Clean-up & Waste Removal (for pets):

DOG: priced per visit (additional per extra dog(s))
CAT: priced per visit (additional cats are extra)
BIRD: priced per visit; includes changing paper (extra birds are additional)
RODENT: priced per visit (extra rodents are additional)
REPTILE: priced per visit (extra reptiles are additional)
FISH: priced per fish / per visit / per needs